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WINNER 10,5 KG Ultra light, sport chair


  • Aluminium frame and special materials.
  • Quick release big wheels with 3° camber.
  • Height adjustable, reclining padded seat from 0° to -10° with millimetric continuous screw.
  • Reclining backrest from -7° to +7° which can be collapsed on seat.
  • Folding side clothes guards.
  • Adjustable and removable footrests.
  • Anti-overturn small wheels.
  • Cross belt system

Technical data


Measurements are approximate and subject to change recommended by the best state of the art.

For safety and reliability:
  • Fireproof, ultra-resistant
    polyester upholstery
    (resistance to traction 600-800 N).
  • Double layer chrome plating
    (up to 50 micron thick) against wear.
  • Cross with self-lubricating nylon bushing joints (Surace patent-pending) sliding on four telescopic rods.
  • Specially rounded and contoured footrests.
  • Double ball bearings on front and rear wheels.
  • Indestructible, maintenance-free 12 spoke integral large wheels.
  • Aluminium forks and double ball bearings for 200 mm diameter wheels.

N.B.: All the parts of our wheelchairs
are specifically designed without
sharp edges or corners which can
create an hazard when moving
the patient.

For comfort:

  • Turning and lockable footrests with a quick release function which can be operated with the shin.
  • Independent footrest heel supports.
  • Backrest upholstery arranged for fitting seat belts and lower fabric clothes protecting flap.
  • Original Surace designed nylon integral side clothes guards.
  • Tipping or extractable armrests with quick release system and safety lock feature.
  • Unique pattern fabrics.
  • Perfect trimming with nylon and ABS plastic components.
  • Seamless upholsteries not in contact with skin’s user.
  • Extreme lightness and easiness of folding.

WINNER 10,5 KG Sedia sportiva ultraleggera in alluminio riducibile

Carrozzina per disabili ultraleggera con sedile imbottito regolabile in altezza ed inclinazione.

  • Ruote estrazione rapida con campanatura di 3°
  • Sedile imbottito regolabile in altezza ed inclinazione da 0° a - 10° con vite continua millimetrica
  • Schienale regolabile in inclinazione da -7° a +7° e ribaltabile sul sedile
  • Fianchetti paravesti abbattibili
  • Pedane regolabili ed estraibili
  • Ruote antiribaltamento
  • Sistema di bretellaggio incrociato.

  • ISO Class
  • Codice LEA

WINNER Silla deportiva ultraligera en aluminio

  • Bastidor rígido en aluminio
  • Ruedas de extracción rápida con inclinación hacia el interior de 3°
  • Asiento rígido acolchado, ajustable en altura e inclinación de forma continua (de 0° a –10°)
  • Respaldo de inclinación ajustable (de –7° a +7°) y abatible sobre el asiento
  • Costados para protección ropa abatibles
  • Reposapiés único ajustable y amovible
  • Revestimiento para respaldo acolchado y amovible
  • Ruedas antivuelco

WINNER Fauteuil sportif ultra léger en aluminium

  • Châssis rigide en aluminium
  • Roues à extraction rapide avec carrossage de 3°
  • Siège rigide rembourré à hauteur et inclinaison réglables de façon continue (de 0° à -10°)
  • Dossier à inclinaison réglable (de –7° à +7°) et rabattable sur le siège
  • Ailettes latérales cachevêtements amovibles
  • Un repose-pied réglable et amovible
  • Revêtement du dossier doublé que l’on peut enlever
  • Petites roues contre renversement

WINNER Ultraleichter Sportrollstuhl aus Aluminium

  • Aluminiumrahmen
  • Räder mit Schnell- Abnehmvorrichtung und Radsturz dritten Grades
  • Harte Sitzfläche, gepolstert und höhenverstellbar, mit stufenlos verstellbarer Neigung (0º-10º)
  • Die Rückenlehne kann auf die Sitzfläche herunter geklappt werden, und ist ebenfalls in der Neigung verstellbar (von -7º bis +7º)
  • Einstellbare Seitenklappen
  • Ausziehbare und verstellbare einteilige Fußstütze
  • Gepolsterter, abnehmbarer Lehnenbezug
  • Abnehmbare kleine gegen Umkippen- Räder